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Cost Efficient, Energy Saving Solar Geysers and Wind Turbines Installed and Supplied in the Western Cape

Rentek Western Cape is devoted to providing and introducing cost sparing, energy-saving SOLAR GEYSERS and TURBINE VENTILATORS

Electricity bill reduction after installation
kg of Co2 prevented with each geyser installed
Of cash saved from our installations

A Little About Us

Working in solar heating industry, we have established ourselves as a reputable and trusted supplier and installer. The mechanism, as depicted by its name, is based on use of sunlight energy to heat up water and reduce electricity costs in an environment friendly way.

We want to lead the Western Cape to increased energy efficiency as well as to reduce carbon footprint. The aim is achieved by using sunlight as alternative to other energy sources.

Our competence lies in truly valuing our customers. We know that we and our clients together can advance our country towards more environment friendly and energy sufficient future. So we help them in fulfilling our goal through innovative and advanced technology.

Why Us?

Among many solar energy solution providers, why households choose only us? Because:

-We are among the principal players of this industry
-Our offer is affordable
-We offer a post-installation upkeep program
-Reasonable solar finance

Why Solar?

Favor the environment. Install solar water heating system. Every solar geyser we install, prevent production of about 3 tons of carbon dioxide, helping the environment to remain healthy. Save energy. Save more than 40% of your electricity costs by investing in solar geysers. Keeping installation cost in view, solar heating system gives a saving of 40% of domestic electricity.

Why Rentek Western Cape?

Our product is easy to handle and safe. Our technology partners, Kwikot, supply our solar water geysers. The product is approved by SABS as it comply mechanical and thermal testing, carries a 5 Year warranty and is available in 150 L, 200 L, 250 L & 300 L configurations

Our Solutions

Kwiksol RetroFit

Direct System

This particular direct system is used in both frost and frost free locations and where the water quality is good (less than 600ppm Total Dissolved Solids/Minerals.

The direct system is where the water to be used in the household (hot water), circulates through the vacuum tube manifold, transferring solar energy into storage vessel.

Product Features

This solar retrofit conversation direct system, is specifically designed to convert an existing installed Kwikot or any other make or brand of high pressure electric water heater (400kPa or 600kPa working pressure) into a solar geyser system.  This system works on the pump circulating method.

Kwiksol Solar Water Heater

Direct System

The direct system is used in frost free locations, where the ambient tempreture never falls below 5 degrees and where water quality is good (less than 600ppm Total dissolved Solids/Minerals). The system is used with one or two Solar Collector Panels dependent on size of the tank.

The direct system, can be installed as a split system (pumped or thermosyphoned circulation methods), where the solar water heater is installed inside the roof away from the solar collector panels or installed as a close coupled system, where the solar water heater is installed outside on the roof and above or higher than the solar collector panels.

Solar Water Heater Product Features

Turbine Ventilators

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ITS - Pool Heat Pump Brochure

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